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Music Ministry


J. W. Harris Sanctuary Choir

Minister of Music

Mike Harbison



Thank you for visiting this music ministry. It is our desire to "give thanks to the Lord because of His righteousness and...sing praise to the name of the Lord Most High" (Psalms 7:17). God commands us to "Sing to the LORD, you saints of his; praise his holy name" (Psalms 30:4). Words of praise and worship fill the Scriptures, and it is our responsibility and privilege to worship the Lord through song. The Sanctuary Choir is a group of singers from all walks of life who join together for the purpose of giving glory to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


The Sanctuary Choir sings regularly for Sunday morning services and some Sunday evening services. Weekly rehearsals are held In addition, the Choir sings in several special productions throughout the year, including revivals, and special events. People from all walks of life and all abilities are invited to come join and be a part of the Sanctuary Choir.


In order to become a member of the choir, we ask that you be a professing Christian, a member of Thankful Baptist Church of Kennesaw, attend a Thursday night rehearsal, and give prayerful consideration to giving your time and talent to the Lord through the ministry of music. us make His praise glorious!


Thank you for learning about our Choir. Further information may be obtained by calling the church offices at (888) 797-0615 or emailing us at   May God richly bless you as we proclaim the glorious Gospel!




Praise Team


One of the reasons King David is one of my favorite Biblical figures,  is because he knew how to construct a praise team. David did not say "Come one, come all."The scripture tells us that David appointed individuals to minister music in the Temple. (I Chronicles 6:31). David knew how important it was that the proper atmosphere be set for God's house. There was so much excitement over the Ark of the Covenant being brought back to Jerusalem, that, again, musical appointments were made among the Levites. (I Chronicles 15:16,19,22).Only the Levites were to carry the Ark (I Chronicles 15:2), just as God had done in Moses' lifetime (Deuteronomy 10:8).

Many of our churches today have praise teams formed to stand before the people and minister music to usher the congregation into the presence of God. In brief, I will give us some things to think about when forming a praise team. I also hope to speak to those who aspire to be a part of that team.

It should be understood first that the praise team must be made up of praisers and worshipers.  Membership on the praise team does not make you a praiser, you should have already made it a habit long before you get to the team. Why? I can answer that question with a question: How can you lead people somewhere you have not been yourself? The praise team is not the place to learn to be a praiser and a worshiper, you need to already be there. Worship is a daily pursuit; praise is an ongoing journey and your life must demonstrate that. By the time you belong to a praise team you must have raised your praise and worship to God to the level of habit. It has become your lifeblood, along with reading and study of God's Word. This requires not only salvation through Jesus Christ, but there needs to be an ongoing relationship with Him. Our daily walk as Christians does not stop at the point of salvation; it is only the beginning. More...

For rehearsal times at please send an email to


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